Hidden messages

Inspired by centuries-old tradition Donald Edge reimagined coded jewellery for modern life: beautiful, easily wearable, personalised pieces that carry your heart in their design.

Morse code was used in the early nineteenth century to send messages long distances via telegraph. The alphabet is represented using short and long sounds or flashes of light, which can be written down as dots and dashes.

Over time, we will introduce other coded languages.

"Each piece of our jewellery says something truly personal, every time it is worn." - Donald Edge

Within each piece of codebyEdge™ jewellery, the stones are arranged to represent the dots and dashes of Morse, hiding your message in plain sight. It allows you eternalise the names of your loved ones, memorable dates, or special messages.

Four collections, each with a distinctive style identity; one unifying idea. Whether it’s the translucent beauty of Aquafiore’s hydrothermal gemstones, the slimline elegance of the Mayfair bangle, the delicate chic of the Wimbledon bracelet or the swooning beauty of Amanti’s glittering handmade rings, codebyEdge has the power to communicate both your secrets and your style. Mix and match, stack and share, or commit to one perfect piece.