Size Guide

Each codebyEdge™ piece is made-to-order. That’s why it is especially important to get the sizes right for your order. We have compiled this size guide to help you. Click on the product you need help with.

  • How to measure your ring size?

    Ideally, you know your ring size. However, bear in mind that it varies depending on the finger you choose wear the rings on. You can also go and see a jeweller to get your ring measured professionally.

    Alternatively, here is a simple way of determining your ring size:

    Step 1: Measure the rings’ inside diameter

    Choose a ring that fits the desired finger well. Then measure the inside diameter using a ruler. Make sure you measure the wides part in the centre of the.


    Step 2: Determine your ring size

    The inside diameter translates into a ring size. Please note that countries use different ways to express ring sizes. Our online studio currently only displays UK and US sizes. The table shows the corresponding ring sizes for other countries.

    Inside diameter (in mm) UK, Australia, South Africa USA, Canada Germany Russia, Asia Italy, Spain, Netherlands
    15.3 I 4 ½ 15 ¼ 7 ¾
    15.6 J 4 ¾ 15 ½ 8 3/8
    J ½ 5 15 ¾ 9
    16.2 K 5 ¼ 16 9 5/8
    K ½ 5 ½ 16 ½ 10 ¼
    16.6 L 5 ¾ - 10 7/8
    L ½ 6 16 ½ 11 ½
    16.9 M 6 ¼ 16 ¾ 12 1/8
    M ½ 6 ½ 17 12 ¾
    17.2 N 6 ¾ - 13 3/8
    17.8 O 7 17 ¼ 14
    O ½ 7 ¼ 17 ½ 14 5/8
    18.1 P 7 ½ 17 ¾ 15 ¼
    P ½ 7 ¾ 18 15 7/8
    18.5 Q 8 - 16 ½

    Donald’s ring-sizing tips

    • Go for a snug fit. “As jewellers, we always say the ring should ‘go on easy, come off hard”, Donald says. “This means you have the right fit and the ring is sized properly for the finger, minimizing the risk of loss.”
    • Keep seasons in mind. “Your fingers tend to change size throughout the course of the year, especially during summer and winter,” Cam says. “They’ll swell up a bit during the summer so keep that in mind, so the ring doesn’t become uncomfortable to wear during those months.”
    • Consider the width of the band. “The wider the band, the tighter it will fit,” says Donald, who recommends going up .25 to .5 size for rings with wider styles.
    • Warm up your hands. If you’ve just come in from the cold or naturally have colder hands, Cam recommends warming them to room temperature for the most accurate ring sizing.
    • Go big. If you get two different finger measurements or find that a ring you wear often fits differently from time to time, Donald says it’s best to choose a slightly larger ring size, and, if you can, consult a professional.

    If in doubt, contact our customer care team via hello@codebyedge.com or call us on +44 (0)207 351 2333

    Currently, we offer stacking rings in our Mayfair Collection and our Amanti Collection. Start your design here.

  • Our Aquafiore necklaces are available in the following sizes. To give you a better idea of the length, the necklaces are displayed on a bust.

    In cm In inches
    42 16.5
    45 17.7
    50 19.7
    60 23.6
    70 27.6
    75 29.5
    85 33.5
    95 37.4
    105 41.3
  • How to measure your wrist size?

    Wrap a flexible tape measure around your wrist, just below the wrist bone. Pull it tight so it’s snug, but not uncomfortable. This is your wrist size.

    Wrist Size Aquafiore Bracelet sizes
    In cm In inches
    17cm 6.7 small
    19cm 7.5 medium
    21cm 8.3 large

    Each Aquafiore bracelet comes with two jump rings, meaning you can reduce the size by one centimetre.

    Currently, we offer necklaces for our Aquafiore Collection. Start your design here.