Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I create my own piece of codebyEdge?

    Using our Code Studio (Online Jewellery Designer), available on our website, you can design your own bespoke piece of codebyEdge jewellery.

    Simply follow this five-step approach:

    1) Pick a product;
    2) Select a hidden message. This could be a loved one’s name, a special date, meaningful initials – or something entirely unique to you. The Online Studio will guide you as to the most appropriate message for the item, such as names for a necklace or initials for a set of stacking rings.
    3) Choose the metal: Our jewellery comes in 925 silver, 18k yellow, rose or white gold, and 950 platinum.
    4) Decide on the stones: We offer sustainable mined diamonds FG/VVS, lab-grown type 2A diamonds, or coloured hydrothermal as well as sustainable mined gemstones.
    5) Complete your order and payment.

    Simple and intuitive, our Code Studio makes the design process easy. Give it a try!

  • Can I see my codebyEdge jewellery before purchasing?

    Your codebyEdge jewellery is made to order for you, so we don’t have that exact piece in stock. However, you can create a virtual version of your codebyEdge jewellery for free, using our online Code Studio. You can also see examples of similar products on our collection pages (Amanti, Aquafiore and Mayfair, and Wimbledon).

  • Will my piece of jewellery look exactly like the rendered image?

    While we have made every possible effort to get our Code Studio to render images as accurately and in as much detail as technology permits, there might be slight differences in colour and other physical characteristics when you see your finished jewellery.

    We strongly encourage you to visit the product gallery or the relevant collection page (Amanti, Aquafiore and Mayfair, and Wimbledon) to see real photographs of similar products. These will give an even more accurate impression of the colours and physical characteristics of your jewellery.

    If in doubt, please email us at hello@codebyedge.com (please see opening times in our contact us section)

  • What type of stones are available?

    Currently, our online Code Studio offers:
    – For Amanti and Mayfair jewellery: a choice between ethically-mined and lab-grown diamonds.
    – For Aquafiore jewellery: a choice of different coloured hydro-thermal gemstones (Aquamarine, Amethyst, Lemon Quartz, Light Citrine and Rock Crystal).

    If you like our designs but would prefer different stones, please connect with one of our colleagues through our online chat facility, email us at hello@codebyedge.com

  • What kind of precious metals are available?

    Currently, our online Code Studio offers:
    – For Amanti jewellery: 18k yellow, white or rose, and 950 platinum.
    – For Mayfair jewellery: 18k rose, white or yellow gold.
    – For Aquafiore jewellery: 925 silver and 18k yellow gold.

    If you like our designs but would prefer different stones, please email us at hello@codebyedge.com

  • Why should I create a MyAccount?

    First of all, there is a very practical reason. Creating a MyAccount allows you to save any designs and track the status of your orders.
    It also means that we can keep you updated on new products, new collections, and any new offers you might like to know about. But don’t worry – we won’t spam you! We do value your privacy and protect you data. You can find more on this topic in our Privacy Policy.

  • How do I reset the password for MyAccount?

    Lost your password? Use this link to reset your login details.

    If you have also forgotten your username (psst… this is likely to be your email address), contact our customer care team via hello@codebyedge.com.

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